Author - Chris Kalamaras

Have a Family Disaster Plan

Whether the day trip is to the museum or to the amusement part- we should take some time to go over a few basics when it comes to fire and/or evacuation of the premises in case of an emergency. Let’s make this clear: If you have a family, the first thing to do in an emergency is to make sure they are safe. Always have a family disaster plan! You can never be too prepared–create an escape plan with your family when you are inside of a new place. You need to express to your family what to do/where to go in an emergency situation. Go through scenarios with one another so everyone is properly prepared for the worst. Make it fun and think of ways to exit-and then walk that exit (plan) with your family. What would happen should you and your family be separated from each other during an emergency or a fire at one of these family day trip spots? Develop (and practice) a family emergency plan. For your family safety, make sure all members know at least two exits out of every building that you visit. Should you be separated from your loved ones, once outside, draw attention to your location by waving anything you may be able to get your hands on; dangling a sheet of paper or a poster you ripped off the wall. Use anything that can draw attention to your location and indicate that you need help. And please remember just before you leave on any trip, make certain your fire alarms and smoke detectors are all up to standard! Properly check your alarms; test the smoke detectors, heat sensors, and sirens to make sure they are in proper working order. Please don’t wait until you just go away though. Test and Inspect your alarm system often to make sure that it is always properly working!