Commonly Used Software & Apps

The use of the app (application) has skyrocketed with the popularity of the smartphones and tablets. The best way of thinking about an app is that it’s a specialized program downloaded from a computer. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available (some free, some for a fee), with many being nonessential in terms of your everyday work or personal life.

However, some apps can be extremely useful and may allow you access to financial tracking software such as QuickBooks or allow your customer to sign a contract on a tablet or to the word processing abilities of Microsoft Word or to Google Maps or ability to accept credit card payment in the field. Of course some apps may appeal to your hobbies, favorite sports or even address your need to find a recipe for a birthday cake.

Your KKG expert can give you one-on-one guidance on the incredible array of apps that are currently available. It is a pretty good guess that if you can envision an app, it has probably been developed. KKG will help you find it.

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