Wireless Networking

There has been a dramatic shift in the way small businesses connect computers within relatively close areas. It’s not just computer to computer any longer, but can include hand-held tablet computers, smart phones, security systems, access control systems, or video surveillance; several computers to printers or copiers; the list continues to grow each and every day.

The network that allows wireless internet connectivity within a local area, or LAN, takes advantage of a wireless router or wireless access point.

While the wireless connectivity technology offers an amazing array of technical solutions to everyday problems, it is not fool-proof and may require expertise in its set-up and trouble-shooting. What works for one customer may not work for the next customer.

Sometimes the solution to a wireless problem might be quite simple, such as proper router placement or the use of a more sophisticated antenna in association with your computer, while at other times it may call for the placement of wireless repeaters or manipulation of the wireless channel.

KKG technicians are experts at solving wireless connectivity challenges within your home or small business space. KKG with evaluate your home or small business to make sure the proper the wireless equipment is used to achieve your ideal wireless connectivity.

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