File and Data Recovery

The backup and recovery of data has come a long way in the past few years. It is no longer necessary for residences or small business to use manual methods such as saving data to a removable flash memory device or memory sticks. Those devices, can be lost, destroyed, or damaged.

The latest technologies for small businesses data storage include what is commonly known as Cloud Storage. It is a worry free solution to data backup and storage. Taking advantage of LAN technology or conventional internet connections, it is possible to send data to a remote cloud site where data can be stored efficiently, cheaply and most important of all, with great safety and privacy. In the event of a temporary loss of data such as computer crash, data can be recovered from the remote cloud site with ease.

There are also hybrid solutions that combines cloud storage with on-site storage for a redundant solution, when it comes to data backup and recovery redundancy is top priority with must of KKG’s clients. Whether you are saving your family pictures, music library, or your small business financial and customer files, making sure you still have your information in the event of a data lose is important.

KKG can set up a data backup and recovery system for your residence or business. Our experts are highly proficient in choosing the best solutions for your particular back-up needs.

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