High Speed Internet Setup

For millions of residences, the choice to receive internet service is generally between DSL (digital subscriber line) or Cable.

While cable with broadband technology is generally faster than DSL (as DSL comes in over phone lines), cable can slow quickly due to multiple users accessing the network simultaneously during peak hours. If proper security is not in place, virtually any computer in your network can view your information.

Cable modems are fairly simple to hook up, which is one of the reasons they gained popularity. The telephone line technology related with DSL often requires a longer set-up process.

Both DSL and Cable require modems and sometimes in the set-up of either system, residences can run into problems with the speed and the efficiency of their internet service.

KKG is knowledgeable in both DSL and Cable setup and in making sure that your modem is running properly. Your KKG expert will be pleased to discuss internet provider advantages and disadvantages and answering all of your questions about maximizing security and performance.

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