Additional Services

KKG is pleased to offer the following services:

  • Computer Setup – Did your business just purchase new computers and want to make sure they are setup properly from the beginning? KKG will make sure that your new computers are setup proper from the start.  A properly setup computer can reduce future problems and service.
  • Printer Setup and Troubleshooting – KKG can setup your printer properly whether you want to print from one computer or from every computer in your business.
  • Software Installation and Setup – Installing new software is simply just by following the on screen prompts. KKG will make sure your software is configured correctly and installed without some of the bloat ware that comes with some.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) – This technology enables the user to use the internet to call all over the world at very low or no rates. KKG can setup VOIP on your computer.

To learn more about how KKG can help you with any of our small business IT services please call us today at 312.725.0011 or click here to contact us.