Smart Phones, iPads, & Tablets

Smartphone’s and tablets represent the next generation of computing.  While laptops and PC’s will still be invaluable for many applications, the portability and versatility of handheld devices cannot be denied.

Handheld computing, streaming, GPS applications and messaging will be as vital to business owners as company websites. Home Users and Businesses are just now testing the limits of the iPad and future applications appear to be almost limitless.  The cost of ownership on handheld computers is much lower than a traditional computer.

It is understandable that as a business owner it may be all you can do to keep up with sales, marketing or production. There hasn’t been time to keep up with this technology. Though you may have an interest in tablet or smartphone technology, you might have no idea where to start; KKG can arrange to give you a crash course on how to use your smartphone or tablet. We’ll even help you interface the devices to your network to enable greater connectivity and, of course, mobility.

Let KKG help you get the most out of your Apple, Android or Blackberry.

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