Surveys & Audits

Physical / Electronic Security Surveys

KKG will conduct an in-depth on site Physical / Electronic Security Survey. This comprehensive survey is an outside in  and inside out look at the clients facility to include but limited to;  perimeter and building access control, employee identification systems, fencing, Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) systems, and  Electronic Security Systems.  KKG will also evaluate the clients current general security related procedures involving, access control points,  casual and systematic loss prevention are reviewed. Recommendations and suggestions are then provided to increase the effectiveness or identification of vulnerabilities of each of these systems.


KKG will provide a Security Inspection/Audit as a tool to provide the client an evaluation and compliance with its existing security policies, procedures and plans. KKG suggests a review at intervals not to exceed 18 months and shall include at a minimum:

  • Review of physical / electronic security measures and policy compliance.
  • Review of existing deviations from policy.
  • Review of suitability and screening of personnel with access to to the clients proprietary information.
  • Inventory and accountability procedures.
  • Facility design and construction.

We’re dedicated to personalized security surveys and inspections / audits for each client, whether individual, municipal or corporate. If you like the sound of that, and want to know more about how we deliver superior security surveys and inspections / audits services to our clients every single day, please contact us at 312.725.0011 or use the Contact Us page – we’re confident you’ve never met another security consulting company like us before, we pride ourselves on being a different type of security consulting company, let us show you how.