Smart Mobile Forms | Digital Contracts & Agreements

Eliminate paper forms and modernize your business in minutes.

KKG gives you a complete mobile forms solution that lets you capture data electronically with mobile forms that look exactly like your current paper forms. But that’s not all. We make your form templates “smart” by automating calculations, prefilling form data sources, capturing GPS information and more. Once you have your mobile template, you can generate PDFs, capture every piece of data and have the ability to run reports on your data.

Features of Digital Contract System

Your mobile forms look just like your paper forms – but they’re smarter! We have every feature you need to capture better data, analyze and understand your data, and improve productivity.

Digital Is Replacing Paper

  • The Workforce is going mobile: 156M business tablets by 2018
  • Many of the 50B PDFs opened last year were fillable PDFs, replacing paper forms
  • Fillable PDFs aren’t much better than paper forms. They are static, isolated documents lacking ‘smarts.’
  • Businesses should be using mobile forms instead of Fillable PDFs

Smart Mobile Forms are simple to use, intelligent, interactive and collaborative documents that can be filled out on any device. They are tightly coupled with data management tools and a cloud-based storage.”

Defining Characteristics of Smart Mobile Forms:

  • Look identical to paper forms and have app features like cut & paste, zoom & pinch, and swipe
  • Capture new types of data from your device: GPS, date/time, and camera images
  • Offer automated calculations and conditional logic
  • Form data is instantaneous, searchable, and accessible in real time for reporting
  • Work on mobile devices (online and offline)
  • Forms and data can be used in other systems like CRM, HR & workflow solutions

Smart Mobile Forms Are Dynamic & ‘Intelligent’

  • Where fillable PDFs are nice annotation tools, smart mobile forms are data-capture workhorses.
  • Fillable PDFs just allow basic form annotations.
  • Smart mobile forms automate calculations and enable dynamic features like conditional if-then logic.
    • Why This is Important? With conditional logic, auto-calculations, and other dynamic features, smart mobile forms are less error prone and capture more complete data. This results in time savings and reduced costs.

New Types of Data Are Available With Your Mobile Device: GPS, Time and Images

  • Data entered into fillable PDFs is static text entered from the keyboard – it is almost always alphanumeric.
  • With Smart Mobile forms you can leverage the power of your device’s native resources like camera, GPS location, and clock date-time.
  • This gives you the ability to be more precise and thorough. Create more accurate documentation by including new types of data in your form, like pictures and GPS locations
  • Smart Mobile Forms give companies new access to richer and more complete data captured through forms. They also offer enhanced organization, workflow, integrations, and reporting.

Key Business Drivers of Smart Mobile Forms:

  • Save time and reduce human error
  • Instant, real time data and reports
  • Capture new types of data (GPS, images, etc.) in forms
  • Data is seamlessly shareable with other systems
  • Track and search not just the documents but the actual data